About Us

After decades in the healthcare industry, rolling up our sleeves and working one-on-one as compassionate advocates, we know that only one thing matters—your organization. That’s why we are a trusted partner offering a deep understanding of the Medicaid system to help your organization overcome challenges and achieve success.

Our vision

We positively impact the lives we touch by consistently following our principles.

Our Approach

people first


When it comes to you, your health, or the health of your organization, we know that every situation is unique. We work with you to find a solution for you.



By listening to every story and understanding each situation, we relentlessly work as a trusted guide to the complex world of healthcare.



The system of subsidized healthcare is ever-changing. We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of these changes.

What we value

  • honesty


    No tricks. No complex platforms. You can think of our team as your team.

  • experience


    Since 1989, ClaimAid has relentlessly worked with a commitment to only one thing: your organization.

  • compassion


    No matter the time or effort, you will always find a listening ear and an eager problem-solver.

  • integrity


    We are consistent and uncompromising in the pursuit of your best interest.

Leadership Team

Management Team


Business Development