CoreMMIS Set to Launch February 13th

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) announced this week that it plans to launch the new CoreMMIS processing system on February 13, 2017.

CoreMMIS is a modernized system that IHCP hopes will provide greater accuracy and efficiency in processing claims for services in alignment with coverage policies and national billing guidelines.

With the new system, the new Provider Healthcare Portal will replace Web interchange. The new portal will have capabilities like online provider enrollment and the ability to upload supporting documents for electronic claim and prior authorization submissions.

Providers are asked to create a unique, secure Provider account for each IHCP-enrolled service location. A designated representative must be assigned to create the Provider account. This representative will have full access to all information related to the service location and will also assign and manage all other staff with Portal access for that service location. CoreMMIS bulletin BT201661 provides instructions and links to the web-based training on the registration process.

Below are a few items to be aware of with the new system:

Claims processing and member eligibility verification may be interrupted during the transition. Please review the transition schedule for details.

Presumptive Eligibility RID numbers will be assigned differently in CoreMMIS. Read the bulletin here.

To access the new CoreMMIS system, you will need to visit and choose “Verify Member Eligibility” on the right side toolbar (after 6am on February 13, 2017).

Should you have questions or problems with the new system, you are asked to send an email to or contact the provider relations field consultant for your area.

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