Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

what services do you offer?

For a full list of our services, please see our Home Page

do you have any free-standing locations?

Yes. We also offer remote assistance. We encourage you to contact us through our Contact Page and we will work with you to determine whether directing you to in-person assistance is best or if we can help answer questions over the phone/email.

How do I get in touch with ClaimAid?

Call us at 800-842-4052
Email us at
Fill out a form here

What does a patient resource advocate do?

Working in a hospital or healthcare facility, our Advocates represent self-pay patients who are eligible for medical coverage through a federal or state agency. Our Advocates hold a Navigator’s License and serve as subject matter experts on a variety of financial assistance options. It is the Advocate’s goal to find the best option for each patient and to advocate on their behalf to ensure they gain access to the benefits they are eligible for.

We help patients navigate Medicaid, Social Security Income/Disability, Health Insurance Marketplace/ACA.

What benefits does ClaimAid offer our employees?

ClaimAid offers a robust benefit plan to all full-time employees. This includes:

- Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
- Short-term and long-term disability income
- EAP (employee assistance program)
- Paid vacation and sick time
- Nine paid holidays each year
- 401(k) with employer match

Additionally, ClaimAid supports our employees with a variety of non-traditional benefits such as:

- Time off for volunteering (to serve a charitable cause in the local community)
- Fitness Center subsidy
- ClaimAid Helping Hands (supports the emergency financial needs of ClaimAid employees)

ClaimAid sponsors semi-annual meetings where all employees gather to be rejuvenated in a relaxed atmosphere for learning and socializing with their peers.


How is this different from our Patient Financial Services?

Patient Financial Services can mean various things within a hospital as it relates to billing and patient needs. In some locations, our Patient Resource Advocates are located among the Patient Financial Services department. ClaimAid could be considered an extension of Patient Financial Services. Our Patient Resource Advocates receive referrals and assist patients through various methods. Sometimes that’s pre-registration, during an emergency visit, or doctor’s visit or; sometimes it’s after the visit and, when a patient has received a bill for services rendered.

Why can’t I just send patients to

Our Patient Resource Advocates look at various State and Federal assistance programs as well as helping patients break down barriers that many times prevent them from completing the enrollment process. Oftentimes, patients can become frustrated with the process and can get confused by policy and regulations, which is where our experts can help. Our Patient Resource Advocates are trained, complete continuing education and are supported by trainers and leadership who follow state and federal regulations.

What is your Advocates’ role at or for the hospital or healthcare facility?

Our Patient Resource Advocates work to positively impact the lives they touch. They do this through meeting the needs of the patient and client. Our advocates work with patients to determine the best coverage for them while advocating and working to cover dates of service and seeking maximum reimbursement for the client.

How do we get patients to the advocates?

Our Patient Resource Advocates are on-site at most of the facilities that we work with. Our teams are integrated into each facility’s process, seeing patients at point of entry, bedside, discharge, and through various follow-up methods. We encourage face-to-face interactions, appointments and walk-ins.

Does your service provide the hospital or healthcare facility an ROI?

Yes, each facility that ClaimAid works with receives monthly production reports and annual analysis, which includes significant ROI. We offer additional reporting to meet the needs of each client as requested.

Is eligibility something we can do on our own?

While eligibility assistance is something that a facility can do on their own, we encourage you to talk to us about our dedicated staff to see if there are current challenges that we could help you overcome to gain a larger reimbursement. With over 30 years in this business, we have seen how dedicated eligibility assistance staff can positively impact the facility versus current staff that may sometimes get pulled in multiple directions. ClaimAid also offers continuous knowledge on policy and changes, which can become difficult to stay ahead of.

Can’t I do this in house for less?

One large bill is sometimes all it takes to make that difference. There are typically hundreds of small bills that would get missed, and these add up too. Due to our model of helping patients retain coverage, we also prevent many patients from the risks of missing dates of service due to having to reapply.


What do you do for patients?

At ClaimAid, our eligibility specialists work with patients to screen them for health insurance and public assistance programs that help cover their cost of care. This includes advocating for the best healthcare program to meet the needs of the patient and understanding what the patient’s needs are currently and prospectively in order to help reduce barriers that may be preventing a patient from seeking the healthcare they need.

For more information about which programs we provide expertise in, visit our Eligibility Page

What do I do if a patient loses coverage?

If a patient is at risk of losing coverage or lost coverage, we encourage them to contact one of our Patient Resource Advocates right away. We will work with you to determine why coverage is at risk or has been lost and how to rectify. There are many reasons coverages get dropped and, as authorized patient representatives, we work with patients and state departments to advocate for continuous coverage.

What services do you offer?

As authorized representatives for patients, our Patient Resource Advocates offer screenings for health coverage programs, beginning-to-end application assistance, ongoing assistance with redeterminations, and individual review of communications to help patients understand their health coverage journey. This includes helping patients understand how their benefits will impact current and past dates of service as it relates to medical bills.

Self-Pay Solutions

What is ClaimAid self-pay solutions?

ClaimAid Self-Pay Solutions assists self-paying patients in creating payment arrangements, connecting to financial assistance application programs, and locating missing insurance information.

What do you do (for patients who have an outstanding hospital bill)?

We serve as Solution Specialists to assist patients. We help them better understand their hospital bills, work to explain acceptable repayment terms, and direct them to a solution that is best.

Are you a collections agency?

No, we are the proactive outreach step before a collections agency becomes involved. We work as a seamless back office to an Accounts Receivable Department.

How can you help my hospital or healthcare facility?

We can eliminate the burden and stress of an already stretched billing department by proactively and compassionately reaching out to patients and accepting incoming calls with outstanding and overdue hospital bills. Our team of Solutions Specialists work to find ways to meet the needs of the patient as well as the hospital or healthcare facility.


What do you do for school districts?

We optimize reimbursements for school districts that provide Medicaid approved non-educational services to students with IEPs. We assist in the Medicaid enrollment/re-enrollment process, provide web-based portals for staff documentation and data submissions, and even provide all training for staff. For more information, please see a full list of our services.

Who do I contact if I need help with School-Based Medicaid Billing?

Email us at

Who do I contact if I need help with monthly reports?

Email us at

Who do I contact if I’m interested in your services?

Call us at 800-842-4052
Email us at
Fill out a form here

How can I correct my submission?

Email a copy of the confirmation page(s) with the corrections to

If you do not have the confirmation page(s) please send an email to with confirmation # and indicate the corrections that are needed.

How do I generate reports?

Email for assistance in obtaining your reports.


What is BeWise?

BeWise is an opportunity for employers to give all employees access to healthcare coverage resources, even those who may only work part-time or for other reasons aren’t eligible for the company sponsored benefits.

Why is the BeWise service right for me?

If you’re an organization who wants to ensure your employees don’t join the 79 million Americans with medical debt problems, BeWise is for you. All your employees are valuable and deserve to be healthy and have healthcare and financial peace of mind.

What do you do for employers and their employees?

For employees and their families, we provide a personal resource to guide them through the process of identifying coverage options they qualify for, help them apply for coverage, and work to keep them covered into the future.

For employers, we ensure that all employees in their population have solid solutions for finding healthcare coverage. We work hard to provide peace of mind to everyone involved.

Are all my employees eligible?

Any employee who is not eligible for your company-sponsored benefits plan and their family members without coverage are eligible to take advantage of BeWise.

How will BeWise help our company and its employees?

Employees with healthcare coverage are generally healthier if they are receiving necessary preventive care. Healthy, happy, and productive employees drive successful business. We have found that healthcare coverage can:

- Increase employee attendance
- Increase productivity while employees are at work
- Decrease the financial struggle and burden of medical expenses
- Decrease stress levels caused by worry for their family’s healthcare

Can’t I just send those employees to a Medicaid office?

While there are other ways to individually secure coverage like Medicaid—regulations and policies are ever-changing and difficult to navigate. Also, individuals’ circumstances are ever-changing. Did you know 83% of consumers prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve customer service issues and get advice? Getting straight to a solution is what employees need and BeWise delivers.


How can ClaimAid help me?

With hospital bills:
If you have hospital bills, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Sometimes retroactive coverage is possible. The sooner our team can understand and evaluate your circumstances, the better chance we have of being able to help you seek health coverage that may help pay past bills.

If you are unsure if ClaimAid offers services in your area, please contact us.

Get health coverage:
ClaimAid can help evaluate your circumstances to determine what health coverage you may qualify for.

Contact Us Here

What about my current insurance?

If you have current insurance and would like to review if other options are available, please contact a Patient Resource Advocate. There are programs available that might allow you to keep your current insurance and offer a secondary policy to help pay the additional out-of- pocket costs.

Who do I speak to about my hospital bill?

We encourage you to speak to a Patient Resource Advocate as soon as possible about your hospital bill. The sooner our team can evaluate your circumstances, the better a chance they have of being able to offer programs that may cover some or all of a current bill.

Who do I speak to about help with medications?

Please contact a Patient Resource Advocate to review medication needs. They will work with you to determine if any prescription assistance programs are right for you.

Can ClaimAid assist others I know within the community?

Yes, our Patient Resource Advocates are available to assist you, your family, and your friends in the communities we serve.

What do I do if I lose coverage?

If you lose coverage, contact a Patient Resource Advocate today. Our team members will work with you to understand why coverage was lost and help you reestablish benefits that you are eligible for.