Hoosier Healthwise Coverage for Children

Indiana offers health coverage for children under the Hoosier Healthwise program. This program covers doctor visits, prescriptions, dental and vision care, hospitalizations, and more.

Parents or caregivers can apply for coverage for their children through the FSSA online application process and normally receive a determination within 45 days. Eligibility is based off of age, household size, and income.

There are two packages available for children under the Hoosier Healthwise program.

Package A:
This is a full-service plan where members have no premiums but may be required to pay small co-pays for certain services, such as, prescriptions, emergency services, and transportation.

Package C:
This package is called Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP. This program has a higher income limit but requires a small monthly premium payment as well as co-pays for some services.

Hoosier Healthwise is available to children up to the age of 19 who have household income at or below 250% FPL. Applicants can choose a health plan under Anthem, Managed Health Services, or MDWise and once approved, may choose their Primary Medical Provider (PMP) within 30 days of enrollment.

There are other categories of assistance through Hoosier Healthwise as well for pregnant women and former foster children that have different eligibility guidelines. For more information about the Hoosier Healthwise programs click here.

ClaimAid Patient Advocates can guide parents and caregivers through the application and enrollment process. We are attentive to newborns and work quickly to obtain coverage to ease the mind of new parents. It is important that individuals understand their options of choosing a plan and doctor and the timeframe to do so. Our Advocates are trained to cover all options and help secure coverage for Hoosier children as quickly as possible.

Please contact ClaimAid at 800.842.4052 today for more information about our Comprehensive Eligibility Services.