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Balancing your revenue cycle while keeping your patients happy can be overwhelming. While your staff is busy with their day-to-day jobs, ClaimAid is the compassionate support team that is built around how your hospital works.


ClaimAid is an expert in Eligibility Enrollment, Self-Pay Solutions, and Claims Resolution. Our advocates find solutions you didn’t know existed, always act in the patient’s interest, and give employees their time back in a way your hospital has never experienced.

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How we help

ClaimAid offers a personalized touch for hospitals and health care centers with our specialized services.

A Personal Touch

While many speak about putting your hospital first, few actually do. Whether it’s our highly collaborative approach or our integrated on-site team, we are here to inspire results.

ClaimAid creates individualized solutions to benefit patients and the hospitals and healthcare facilities in use.

Trusted Partnership

Connecting stories to an individualized solution is only possible if you know the system inside and out. Luckily, our advocates do—working as trusted patient partners through and through.

ClaimAid offers a better experience dealing with healthcare claims for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Better Experience

Underinsured or uninsured patients need a pathway, and your hospital needs to meet its bottom line. We’re here to focus on the community to provide you a pathway to solutions.

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"We have seen positive Medicaid enrollment with ClaimAid on site and receive feedback from the patients that they are glad we have staff onsite to help them."

A Happy ClaimAid Client

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"Anytime we have considered changing our services, ClaimAid has been there to assist with ideas and how they can help facilitate the enrollment of our clients."

A Happy ClaimAid Client

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