Claims Resolution

Whether you need help on a one-time project or on an ongoing basis, we can provide you with customized solutions, real results, and strong ROI.

ClaimAid offers claims resolution services that benefits both patients and the hospitals and healthcare centers.

Our Claims Resolution services can help your facility if:

  • You are implementing a new hospital system and need help with claims cleanup on an old system
  • You currently do not have the time or the staff to process claims or for follow-up

We simplify your claims process through:

  • Submitting accounts to appropriate payer until final resolution
  • Performing extensive follow-up, bringing claims to final payment or valid denial
  • In-depth reporting of claim status, invoices, and Return/Uncollectable Reports
  • Identification of necessary write-offs and remaining balances of the patient/guarantor’s responsibility
  • Retention of all claims information and proof of invoicing for a period of 7 years

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Decreased debt

We diligently work behind the scenes to create customized solutions that result in a positive ROI.


Industry Experts

Our specialists know the roadblocks of the ever-changing landscape and create enhanced efficiencies to better your bottom line.


Accelerated reimbursement process

No matter how complicated the issue, we bring an unmatched level of service and total commitment for a quick, cost-effective solution for our clients.

We resolve the claims that deliver positive results to you.