Self-Pay Solutions

We help your patients create a clear plan forward. Our Solution Specialists assist in finding solutions for self-pay patients, making it our top priority to decrease your bad debt and improve your bottom line and patient satisfaction.

ClaimAid offers hospitals and healthcare facilties with ways of smoothing out and easing patient self-pay.

Your Hospital or Healthcare Facility can utilize this service if:

  • You don’t have a dedicated and proactive accounts receivable department for self-pay patient bills
  • You are looking for a partner that builds trust and personalizes solutions for your patients
  • You need help finding solutions in a claim’s life cycle
  • You need a customized solution that fits within your current system

How we can help

Experienced Staff of Solutions Specialists

  • Immediate contact and thorough follow-up with patients
  • Assistance in setup of payment arrangements
  • Connecting patients to Financial Assistance Applications
  • Assistance in locating missing insurance information
  • Processing return mail
  • Handling all incoming calls with questions about patient accounts

Flexibility to design and prioritize solutions to serve your needs

  • Payment plans that fit hospital and patient budgets—no fixed options
  • Systems built to process payments through your pay site for immediate access to funds
  • Detailed reports to account for every aspect of the program
  • Industry-leading medical account technology and software

Check out our benefits


Accelerated revenue cycle

Accelerating the process to increase your cash flow while decreasing bad debt has never been hands-off, until now.


Human Connection

There is always someone here to help your patients while continuing to increase your revenue.


Providing accurate solutions to those who need them

By keeping up-to-date on national and state regulations, our team will always work to provide accurate solutions for your patients.

We focus on the billing.
You focus on the care.