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Iowa Valley Senior Awarded $2,000 Special Education Teacher Scholarship


Senior Hannah Sparrowgrove, Iowa Valley Schools, has been awarded the 2022 Special Education Teacher Scholarship of Iowa in recognition for her academic accomplishments, educational goals and extracurricular activities. Sparrowgrove is involved with 4-H, has obtained the Iowa Degree from Future Farmers of America, and plays golf.


After graduation, Sparrowgrove plans to study at Kirkwood Community College for two years, then transfer to the University of Northern Iowa to earn her degree in Elementary Special Education. “l hope to be working in a smaller elementary school like the one I went to, about 20 kids to a class. I think it is a very rewarding job to be able to help kids who do not know how to help themselves,” she said.


Sparrowgrove credits her little sister, Wyatt, with guiding her decision to become a special education teacher. “She has a really hard time focusing on schoolwork and she goes to special education classes as part of her day. While at home, I help her with her homework, and I can get her to focus a little better and I am able to keep her under control when doing homework. I find it very rewarding that she can trust me to help her and that I am able to help her, and we get it done no matter how long it takes, and in the end, when she finishes it, she is so happy. That makes me feel really good for both of us.”


About the Award: The Special Education Teacher Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who plans to study education, with a focus on special education. Cosponsored by ClaimAid Consulting Corporation and the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB), the scholarship is awarded based on a number of requirements, including educational goals and academic accomplishments.


ClaimAid is a leading provider of comprehensive Medicaid eligibility and enrollment services, school-based billing and claims resolution for schools, hospitals, patients, individuals and their families. IASB is a nonprofit organization representing Iowa’s 327 public school districts, nine area education agencies and 15 community colleges.



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